1. Life in the New Mexico desert. Shot with @hueless


  2. thegigmagazine:

    Daniel Milnor of SMOGRANCH and Blurb Books was kind enough to write about gig MAGAZINE after I sent him a copy of issue #4 featuring Cygne ( Cygne N Herd). In the little interview I mention my influences, Douglas Kent Hall, Jesse Raine Littlebird, Erez of Weird Magic, Peter Pabon aka thewastedtalent and of course Fraction Mag

    See his post here:

  3. Playing in the dirt is a right of passage.

  4. Cora Mae in grandma and grandpas backyard. July 2014.

  5. Friday night zoo music. Shot with @hueless (at Rio Grande Zoo)

  6. C. Shot with @hueless

  7. The setting sun. Shot with @hueless


  8. Filter Photo Interview: David Bram


    imageCover of Fraction Magazine, Issue #53, featuring Alan Hunter

    David Bram is a reviewer for the 2013 Filter Photo Festival and the Editor, Founder, and Curator of Fraction Magazine. Together with Jennifer Schwartz, Bram runs Flash Powder Projects, a residency program for photographers. You can read his full bio on the Filter site here.


    Bram reviewing a portfolio during the Flash Powder Projects residency

    By Jeff Philips, edited by James Pepper Kelly

    Jeff Phillips: You’re the founder of Fraction Magazine, now in its fifth year.  What is it about Fraction that makes it so successful?

    David Bram: The work that I choose to feature hasn’t been all over the Internet. Fraction is the place to find great, undiscovered work, from around the globe. As an editor and owner, I’m free to show what I like, without regards to its popularity.

    JP:  Why did you start Fraction Magazine, and what drives you to keep doing it?

    DB: Originally, Fraction was created to showcase the work of New Mexico based photographers. That’s still the case. If there’s someone from New Mexico whose work fits, then I’ll do my best to show that person.  Fraction has opened a lot of doors for me, and has created many opportunities. I keep doing it because I get to work with really terrific people, and I think I’m helping our community by showing the best of the best.

    JP: You see a lot of photography come across your desk.  What kind of work has the most appeal for you? 

    DB: It might seem too easy to answer with, “the work that has the most originality,” but it’s true. In Issue 53, the work of Alan Hunter and Paul Thulin was so fresh and unseen that I just had to show it. I believe Fraction is the first to show their art to a larger crowd.

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    I don’t reblog much but this is easily worthy of it. davidbram fractionmagazine
  9. Farewell to Minnesota. #burquebound (at MSP Airport)

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  10. Grand Forks International. (at Grand Forks International Airport)