1. rough weekend?
    I found this pair of shoes just like this near where I park at work. The area is out of the view from the street and I often find very pleasant things.
    Shot with the X-Pro1 and the 35mm f1.4 @ f1.4.

  2. This bee was caught by New Mexico’s cold spring mornings. Since it is Monday I could relate.

  3. Normal nap time. After 3 sleepless nights Cora seems to be on the mend.

  4. Oh hello there ol’ friend. Shot with @hueless #agfa #film #35mm #rangefinder #supersilette

  5. iminphotos:

    Two Olympus OM-1 MD’s, a 135mm f2.8, a 50mm f3.5 macro, and a 28mm f3.5. All cleaned up and ready for some test rolls. I thought one of the cameras was a parts camera because it’s missing some screws on the bottom plate, but it is firing fine. It needs a new focusing glass though. #olympus #om1 #om1md #film #35mm

    This camera gear is currently for sale. I was asking $300, but will take $250 obo. Hit me up if your interested.

  6. Sound check complete. The Elevator Boys are up next. Shot with @hueless at @launchpadABQ #music #drums (at Launchpad)

    Tagged #music #drums
  7. The setting sun is shining through the tree in my front yard and creating some serous bokeh on my neighbors house.

  8. Trail Rated and covered in blossom petals. #jeep #spring #abq #nm #blossom

  9. Self portrait. 

  10. Spring has already arrived. #abq #nm is blooming already. #xpro1