1. #nmfood #abq #tortillas #chile shot with @hueless #redorgreen (at Garcia’s Kitchen)

  2. My daughter Cora Mae has hair like mine; thin and curly.  So I setup a fan and a flash to capture it before she gets her first real haircut this week.

  3. Standing on the west bluff of the Rio Grande River overlooking the fertile land of the valley and Albuquerque.

  4. Watered collard greens. Shot with @hueless #blackandwhite

  5. This little guy surfaced in our backyard after the last rainfall. #arrowhead

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  6. I finished another roll of film on my walk today. This work needs to be in a book. It is decided. This shot was taken with @hueless

  7. I took another lunch time walk today. The Nob Hill neighborhoods call to me. These three where shot with the @hueless app.

  8. Progress: her name was Lucil but she went by Lucy.

  9. Progress: this takes some ol’ fashioned elbow grease. I have found the trick is to add just a little and keep rubbing it in. The friction helps get the beeswax into the leather.

  10. Progress: with a damp paper towel I evenly wet the leather adding a little extra at the corners. Now it is under a book for a few hours. Next up some leather conditioner for the outside to give it a richer color and protect the leather.