1. Progress: her name was Lucil but she went by Lucy.

  2. Progress: this takes some ol’ fashioned elbow grease. I have found the trick is to add just a little and keep rubbing it in. The friction helps get the beeswax into the leather.

  3. Progress: with a damp paper towel I evenly wet the leather adding a little extra at the corners. Now it is under a book for a few hours. Next up some leather conditioner for the outside to give it a richer color and protect the leather.

  4. Progress: hand stitched the sides and keeper into place. I decided to do this before forming it so I could get a clean edge and it worked.

  5. Progress: the blank cut and ready for water to soften and then formed.

  6. Progress: cutting out the blanks from the side of leather. Working with 3/4oz is much easier. I think I will cut out one more and then make on complete before cutting out the rest.

  7. This iPhone photo does not do it enough justice but nothing would. You have to see these prints in person to see the level of detail Tony Bonanno went through.

  8. Progress: I picked up my prints from the talented printer Tony Bonanno and am now working on my template for the leather holder. I first make a form out of cardboard the represents the stack of photos, then use a sheet of paper to make the template.

  9. @leechesoflore . Shot with @hueless (at Burt’s Tiki Lounge)

  10. Life in the New Mexico desert. Shot with @hueless